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    "I was struggling with feeling comfortable with telehealth. I felt shy and awkward when asking my clients to do telehealth visits. Sam's energy is great and the training helped me to feel comfortable asking the clients by using certain tips learned during the training. I immediately implemented some of the tips like camera readiness. Now I'm getting complimented by my supervisor on my increase in video visits."

    Fredyla, Visiting Nurse Service of New York

    "I was having problems with everything from start to finish. And with being comfortable seeing myself on video and that I was not feeling that I was displaying confidence. Sam really helped with building my confidence on camera. Now I feel free that I am able to feel comfortable with myself so that my patients see that I am competent in what I do as a professional. Telehealth with clients is getting better."


    Veronica, Nurse

    "I was having trouble engaging my clients during telehealth visits and I was not feeling as connected with them. I was also not confident with my abilities to observe parent - child interactions during a video visit.  I also experienced some tech issues when attempting to do video visits.


    When my clients and I would experience connection issues, I would usually just give up and do a phone visit instead. Eventually, I wouldn't even offer to do a video visit unless the client requested one. Sam's training was very engaging. I appreciated her positive energy and she was very encouraging. Her willingness to not only explain but to demonstrate the various skills she discussed was very helpful.


    I definitely feel more optimistic and confident about doing video visits with my clients. The moment that I realized that Sam's training was working was in the first session about technical challenges. Just being reassured to pause and breathe if I start experiencing a lag in connection during a video visit was very helpful. Every session offered helpful tips about how to impactful video visits. Now I feel like I have the tools and skills to confidently conduct video visits with my clients."


    Bianca, Saint Louis County

    “Some of the problems I had before the training were lack of motivation to use video calls, poor job satisfaction, and generally just feeling "blah" about having to be on a screen all day. I was sort of resolved to not be doing my best work because of the circumstances. Sam had great energy, enthusiasm, lots of helpful tips, and knowledgeable about what we do. During Sam's training I had many moments of remembering why I was drawn to this position in the first place and felt motivated to approach virtual visits with more creativity and enthusiasm. Life looks pretty similar after the training, but I feel a renewed energy when I approach work and have recommitted to doing my job well.”


    Anna - Nurse

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