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    "Sam has a gift to put you at ease while learning this craft. I am camera shy and she gave great tips on how to be comfortable in front of the camera. I learned about lighting and camera placement. I learned about HIPAA compliant platforms. I am more confident on camera and will be better prepared to continue incorporating telehealth video meetings into my practice. Sam is an incredible gem. She makes learning an uncomfortable skill comfortable and fun! I highly recommend Sam for your organization."


    Christin, Nurse, Los Angeles Unified School District

    "I was having problems with everything from start to finish. And with being comfortable seeing myself on video and that I was not feeling that I was displaying confidence. Sam really helped with building my confidence on camera. Now I feel free that I am able to feel comfortable with myself so that my patients see that I am competent in what I do as a professional. Telehealth with clients is getting better."


    Veronica, Nurse

    "I didn't know what I didn't know when it came to video consulting and it was exhausting. Sam is informative and helpful; not dry and boring. She has a great sense of humor! I was able to use her video tips the very next day. Now my life is less stressful!"


    Wendy, Nurse, Halifax

    “Sam's knowledge of telemedicine spans tech, regulatory, billing and clinical application. Her style is engaging. She is able to teach the concepts needed for a successful telehealth program in an accessible way, even for those of us who may be technologically challenged. Overall, Sam is the full package. Listen to her and do what she recommends.”


    Dr. Ope Adeoye, MD MS FACEP FAHA

    Co-Director, UC Stroke Team, Department of Emergency Medicine

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